Effective repair and maintenance regimes have been a critical part of the transport industry’s ability to keep the country moving and put food on people’s tables during the Covid-19 crisis.

And just how operators have been approaching the issue is highlighted in the latest research report from Motor Transport and sister title Commercial Motor.

The ‘Hot Topic: Repair, Maintenance & Tyre Management Report 2021’ found that a massive 89% of fleet operators believe that R&M is the most important area of operational investment.

This research explores how operators keep their fleets in tip-top shape, the workshop equipment and parts they deem essential and how they make key decisions around their maintenance strategies.

Key insights include outsourcing versus in-house R&M regimes and the reasons why fleets choose particular options. It also examines preferences in terms of the type of outsourcing contract.

Tyres are another vital area for operators, and making the right choices can have a big impact on operational costs. The survey examines different acquisition strategies as well as attitudes to technological developments such as low-rolling-resistance tyres.

“The ‘Hot Topic: Repair, Maintenance & Tyre Management Report 2021’ provides key insights into operators’ strategies in this critical area,” said MT events and project editor Hayley Pink.

“Ensuring the right strategy is in place for repair and maintenance is vital to ensure fleets are kept moving and downtime is minimised. Keeping wheels and tyres in tip-top condition is also essential from both a compliance perspective and to avoid any unexpected purchase or repair bills.”

You can download the ‘Hot Topic: Repair, Maintenance & Tyre Management Report 2021’ free of charge.