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Commercial vehicle company Marshall Fleet Solutions (MFS) has launched a new division dedicated to helping operators cut their carbon emissions and play their part in averting climate breakdown.

The launch closely follows the publication of the latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report last week which called for urgent action by governments to rapidly cut the use of fossil fuels to avert climate breakdown.

The new division will focus on helping operators transition to green fuels and will offer a system using solar power and a kinetic energy recovery system to power onboard refrigeration units.

MFS MD Mark Howell said, “As evidenced in the latest UN climate change report, global warming is dangerously close to spiraling out of control.

“Whilst the introduction of Marshall Renewables is not a one size fits all solution, it is a major opportunity for the transport sector to introduce new technology and innovations to reduce the emissions from high carbon fleets together with generating significant cost savings too.”

The new division, headed up by MFS strategy director Michael Kane and made up of a team of experts, will initially focus on two main product areas. The first covers the supply of Green D + HVO alternative fuel for use in all types of diesel powered engines, including refrigeration equipment.

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This initiative will be followed up by the launch of the MFS Titan hybrid system that combines power produced from lightweight high power solar panels, and a unique kinetic energy recovery system, to provide 100% free power to on-board refrigeration units and other vehicle and trailer applications.

The Titan system can also be retrofitted to all makes of transport refrigeration units and as such can turn any existing fleet into a low/no carbon fleet overnight.

Howell said: “MFS is in a unique industry position of being able to deliver a range of products and services in one place that focusses solely on emission reduction.

“The proven range of industry leading, fuel efficient Thermo King transport refrigeration equipment, our electrification equipment that includes solar power and solar kinetic energy, together with the HVO drop-in replacement for fossil fuel applications, is not found anywhere else in the industry.

“Balanced with our 50 years expertise in the temperature critical logistics market with an established infrastructure nationwide, this makes MFS an ideal provider of this innovative approach to running van, truck and trailer fleets on renewable energy.”

He added: “The transport industry now needs to face the impact of massive changes with increased last mile dependency demanding unprecedented performance from the logistics sector.

“At the same time, environmentally the transport industry is also responsible for a massive 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, which is unsustainable going forward.

“MFS, like many companies, is responding to the need to introduce more sustainable solutions that will help operators meet the requirements of maximum uptime and JIT demand, through the introduction of the very best in renewable energy solutions for road transport.”