Montracon load restraint

The DVSA has now confirmed that it does approve of the new design of load restraint for the upper deck of double-deck curtainsiders developed by a Road Haulage Association (RHA)-led working group with input from various vehicle operators and trailer manufacturer Montracon.

Apparently reversing a statement last week in which it said it “does not endorse any particular design”, the DVSA confirmed: “We approve of the concept put forward by RHA for securing pallets on upper decks”.

The DVSA stressed, however, that it cannot endorse particular products based on that new design.

The new load restraint design, developed by the RHA working group alongside new guidance notes on load restraint in double-deck curtainsiders, consists of an internal curtain with integrated straps that is operated from ground-level and pulled in around the base of the upper deck.

An implementation of the new design was shown by Montracon at the Commercial Vehicle Show recently and has already attracted orders for 12 new trailers and one retrofit.