Bicycle ambulance

Logistics firm Ligentia has launched a reusable drinks bottle to raise funds for Transaid bicycle ambulance project in Zambia while cutting the use of single-use plastic bottles.

Ligentia is a corporate member of Transaid, and group senior marketing manager Kelly Hobson visited Zambia in October to witness first-hand the work the charity delivers across the country.

That experience led to the founding of the Neat initiative to encourage a 'no-plastic' approach to life, as well as generating funds to build and distribute Transaid bicycle ambulances.

Transaid works with communities across Africa to identify methods of emergency transport that are sustainable, accessible and suitable for the terrain. In remote parts of Zambia where there is already a strong bicycle culture, the introduction of the bicycle ambulance has played a vital role in communities accessing health care when they need it most. Since their introduction the bicycle ambulances have been instrumental in dramatically cutting death during childbirth and from malaria.

To raise money for this vital project Neat is selling the Neat 500ml reusable insulated bottle.

Support Neat Initiative

Made of stainless steel, the bottle keeps the contents cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Costing £12 excluding postage, all profits will be donated to Transaid to build more bike ambulances.

This means that for every 100 water bottles sold one more bicycle ambulance will be provided to a community in Africa.

Hobson said:"This year planet sustainability has been pushed even further to the forefront of our planning. Our hope is that by making small changes that have a positive impact on our environment, we are all demonstrating a commitment to making a difference.

"With the additional donation to Transaid to facilitate better access to healthcare in Africa, I only see a win for every organisation getting involved. Let’s see as an industry how many bike ambulances we can fund together whilst supporting no plastic.

"To date we have sold 428 bottles and four bikes are now fully funded and currently being built in Zambia."

Florence Bearman, head of fundraising at Transaid, added: “Transaid is delighted that the Neat initiative has been launched. Sustainability is core to Transaid’s programmes, and Neat provides people an opportunity to buy an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles that also provides communities across Africa with much needed and sustainable transport solutions.”

Neat water bottles can be bought in bulk from Kelly Hobson on or via