A provider of fresh produce to London eateries has successfully launched its home delivery operation, thanks to new transport planning software.

Based in New Covent Garden Market, Classic Fresh Foods specialises in supplying fresh produce to discerning chefs in hotels, restaurants and gastropubs across London.

However, with most of its customers closing their premises during lockdown, the company switched to offering home delivery.

The business has rapidly grown and now delivers to around 200 addresses per day, which it has achieved by using My Transport Planner.

This is a unique, pay-as-you-go, web-based transport planning tool designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes.

Peter Banfalvi, general manager at Classic Fresh Foods, said: “This is a completely new venture for us, we’ve never done home delivery before. My Transport Planner has played a significant role in making it a success for us.”

Peter tried a different system before learning about My Transport Planner.

“We used a basic route planner, but it was very, very limited in terms of its features and capabilities,” he said. “For example, I couldn’t download or export the job list.

“Now I can give the orders for each van to the picking team, whereas before the drivers had to find each order in the warehouse. It took up to three hours to load each van, whereas it is now under an hour per van, so it is saving us a huge amount of time. The goods get loaded into the vans in the correct order, according to the manifest. I love it – it makes my life so much easier.

“If there remains a demand for home delivery after lockdown ends, then we will continue to offer it. And this system enables us to combine home and business delivery into one seamless operation.”

My Transport Planner is designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes. It uses algorithms to plan transport and optimise routes, generating significant savings in time, costs, and total fleet mileage. Planning costs 99p per vehicle, per day, with no minimum contract, number of vehicles or usage requirements. However, customers who sign up for contracts will unlock additional features such as mobile apps.

My Transport Planner is offering delivery companies a 30-day free trial of its software. For further information, visit www.mytransportplanner.com.