Tiger Trailers build 200 curtainsided artic HGV semi trailers for Mulgrew Haulage of Ireland[24229]

Northern Ireland haulier Mulgrew Haulage has switched to Tiger Trailers for its latest curtainsider fleet order.

The Dromore-based company said the procurement switch was "influenced heavily" by the manufacturer’s ability to build bespoke trailers to exacting specifications. Tiger Trailers said Mulgrew is one of a number of new customers the company has recently won in Ireland.

Mulgrew, which speciaises in the drinks transport industry, operates a fleet of around 200 trucks and 800 trailers. The new order will boost its trailer fleet to around 1,000, with over 50 of the 200-strong order of Tiger-built curtainsiders already delivered.

The company has over 150,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space and operates depots in Dublin, Deeside and Heysham, with another two in County Down.

Tiger's sales and engineering teams worked closely with director Paul Mulgrew to build an initial prototype trailer for the haulier before producing the trailers in the company's distinctive orange livery.

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Mulgrew praised Darren Holland, Tiger sales director, and his team, for their customer service which included repeated visits to the company to understand its operations and requirements.

He added: "It’s refreshing to work with a manufacturer that goes the extra mile in tailoring its products for each customer like this.”

The trailers had to be designed to meet operational restraints of 4650mm and were fitted with the maximum side aperture for multi-user movements, along with a very specific load restraint setup.

The vehicles were also designed to meet the demands of frequent ferry crossings, with Tiger adding recessed and protected lighting, underrun positioning, and D-buffers to protect the trailers from damage, as well as heavy-duty and removeable roof cappings and tapered and plated bottoms to the corner pillars to reduce coupling impact.

Holland said: “It has been a pleasure to work closely with Paul to produce a trailer to suit Mulgrew’s individual needs and the environments they operate in.

"Visiting the customer in Ireland multiple times enabled us to understand their requirements and ensure that Tiger met their specification 100%, building the one-off protype up front to iron out any challenges before commending building the remainder of the 200 ordered.”