Violeta Bulc

11) Violeta Bulc

Title: European Commissioner for Transport

Slovenian Bulc was described by the press as “not your average commissioner” – she has studied as a shaman and is a trained fire-walker and wrote a blog about her interest in positive energy forces. That to one side… she’s the most influential power when it comes to transport in Brussels.

In March she outlined Directive 2013/0195 – more commonly referred to as the EU rules that will allow more aerodynamic lorries. Bulc said that the Directive takes us “one step closer to having better lorries on our roads”. If the Directive delivers on Bulc’s promises that would means trucks that produce “fewer emissions and casualties on our roads” and “lower fuel costs for hauliers”. Bulc also wants European manufacturers to produce new lorries that remain competitive on the global market. How’s that for positive energy?

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