Beverley Bell was president of CILT in 2015-16

1) Beverly Bell

Title: Senior Traffic Commissioner

Respected by the compliant and disrespected by the non-compliant in equal measure, Bell wields the ultimate power in the industry, deciding whether you have a business or not.

As senior traffic commissioner she has responsibility for the licensing of all operators of HGVs, from the very largest multi-national 3PLs to every one-man-band haulier up and down the country. On its own, that influence is considerable, but Bell’s remit is wider. In December she revised the Statutory Guidance for transport managers which, among many things, she outlined the number of hours the TM is expected to work (two to four hours a week for a fleet of two vehicles or fewer, to full time with additional assistance for operations running more than 50 trucks).

In April she became president of the CILT for the year, saying more needed to be done to challenge the stereotype of a ‘typical lorry driver’ and to champion the “great work being done every day” by transport and logistics employees if the sector was to attract more young people. No individual in the UK has the power to shape the road transport industry more than Bell.

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