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This table shows the total number of vehicles specified to O-licences held by the largest hire and reward HGV fleets in Great Britain, according to research by Motortransport.co.uk. It includes data for holders of standard national and standard international O-licences, or any combination thereof.

By Hire and Reward, Motortransport.co.uk refers to businesses moving goods on behalf of a third-party either as part of a one-off transaction or on a contract basis. This activity is conducted either in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or is based in the United Kingdom and handles goods for export or import.

Our interactive table also allow you to rank this data set alphabetically, or by business type, should you so wish. To view a similar data set for own-account operators or for a combination of hire and reward and own-account operators, please click on the navigation bar above.


These tables are based on data supplied by the Office of the Traffic Commissioners via a Freedom of Information request. They are to be used as a guide to fleet sizes, and not as a definitive record. Operators listed in the Fleet 200 are entitled to change fleet sizes at any time in line with the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995. Any queries regarding vehicles specified to O-licences should be directed to the company itself, or the Office of the Traffic Commissioners.

Classifications regarding business types have been made by the editorial team at Motortransport.co.uk

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