Expect Distribution

Reducing fleet accidents was a major target for Expect Distribution last year. In 2019, fleet claims had reached what the company believed was an unacceptable level and it needed to reverse the upward trend. The company created a 14-point plan to reduce its accident frequency and associated costs.

Last year was a team effort resulting in improved safety and culture throughout the business in what should have been a testing year. Highlights included a 25% reduction in accidents while incidents and injuries per 100 employees were down 29.5% year on year. Expect also continued its 100% RTA injury-free trend for the third consecutive year.

The judges said: “This was a very comprehensive entry with impressive safety stats and some good cost reductions; it had clearly thought about employees during the pandemic.”

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Nuvech Solutions

Nuvech’s AIRBAR is a unique safety device for HGVs which was invented, designed and manufactured in the UK. It has two significant safety benefits. Firstly, it creates a wider and safer live lane working area for operators when alongside parked vehicles by deploying highly visual flashing indicator extensions. Secondly, it helps prevent cyclists from entering the nearside blind spot at junctions by creating the illusion of a physical, highly visible flashing barrier.

AIRBAR visually warns cyclists of the danger, encouraging them to wait behind the vehicle, which assists the driver's awareness of their presence. The device is deployed by an in-cab touch-pad for roadside applications, or deployed automatically by the indicator stalk when the vehicle is travelling at less than 15mph.

The judges said: “This initiative is worthy of recognition; it addresses a problem with blind spots and turning left; it’s a clever idea that stood out.”


O’Donovan Waste Disposal

O’Donovan is an independent waste-management company with an excellent reputation for service, compliance and sustainable working practices. Specialising in construction and demolition waste, O’Donovan provides a range of total waste and recycling solutions excelling in safety, compliance, environmental practices and expertise.

With six depots in London, a turnover of more than £20m and 185 employees, the O’Donovan mantra of 'Safety Above and Beyond' is at the heart of the business. Its aims are to develop every member of the workforce and adapt working processes in line with legislation and guidelines, covering social distancing, mask-wearing and sanitising. It also looks to improve health and safety performance by reducing accidents and reduce environmental impact through education and training.

The judges said: “This is a well-respected company and good at saving the planet; the entry focused on colleague welfare and felt hands-on; the safety stats were good, considering the vehicles are for urban use.”


Wren Kitchens

Wren Kitchens’ agile business model enabled it to embrace the challenges of the pandemic and realign its focus. Its holistic approach to safety starts with prevention. From facilities, induction and workplace training to best practice, manual handling, transportation and customer service, its operations are subject to safety scrutiny of the highest level.

Staff and drivers complete a daily health questionnaire and a temperature check before entering Wren premises. All deliveries are contactless and drivers wear protective equipment. All vehicles are disinfected daily or when there is a change of driver. Workplaces and showrooms have been issued with social distancing signage, floor markers and guidance sheets and workstations are positioned a minimum of 2m apart and fitted with Perspex screens to the front and sides.

The judges said: “Wren’s submission was well thought through and comprehensive; from driver training to manual handling, it was a case of no stone left unturned with safety.”

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XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics, in partnership with Tata Steel and British Steel, has implemented a set of Load Restraint Guidelines (LRG) across its operation. All drivers must complete a rigorous training course and are allocated a load restraint card, to be produced on arrival at each steel site.

XPO’s safety focused systems – SmartPass, Safeguard and Gatekeeper – underpin robust health and safety checks across operations. SmartPass is a driver training and safety passport system that enables sites to validate driver competence and access training. It captures a record for every driver working on the contract. Safeguard provides touch-screen driver site inductions, driver notifications and alerts, multilingual documentation capability to support drivers’ on-site conduct, and camera integration. Online portal Gatekeeper is also used to ensure loads are tracked.

The judges said: “A solid, well-rounded and extensive submission.”