A ‘Warehouse to Wheels’ apprenticeship programme is proving successful at Moody Logistics, after the Cramlington firm helped one employee transition from its distribution depot to life on the road.

The apprenticeship is seen as another way of tackling the current driver shortage and gives recruits a wider appreciation of logistics as they work towards their driver qualifications.

Current apprentice Alex Skelton has now swapped warehouse duties for full-time driving after completing the Warehouse to Wheels programme.

He said: “I would recommend the apprenticeship because you are guaranteed a job once you pass and you learn a lot about the industry before you actually pass your test.”

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Moody Logistics said the programme had been so successful that it is now in the process of selecting a new driver apprentice to follow in Skelton’s footsteps.

Richard Moody, operations director at Moody Logistics, said: “There is an estimated 60,000 shortfall of qualified HGV drivers nationwide and the Warehouse to Wheels initiative is one way that haulage companies can solve their recruitment needs.

“The haulage industry is forever moaning that there’re not enough people coming through the industry and it’s harder and harder to recruit people to do the job.

“Now this gives us the opportunity to actually recruit people and train them up in the way that we feel benefits the company the most.”