A six-month trial of a new micro-logistics hub in Pimlico has been launched today (17th April) which aims to improve air quality by cutting the number of trucks and vans delivering parcels to offices and residents’ homes in Central London.

Westminster City Council, in partnership with Cross River Partnership (CRP), is setting up the micro-logistics hub where online purchases will be delivered by electric cargo bikes. The trial will also involve Westminster City Council, Infinium Logistics and Delivery Mates.

Based in the Q-Park car park in Cambridge Street, the 750 sq ft hub, which has been built and equipped by Infinium Logistics.

Delivery Mates, which has been appointed to run the hub, will receive goods on electric vehicles at the micro logistics hub and then deliver them on electric cargo bikes to the local area.

The council estimates that cargo e-bikes will deliver about 2,000 parcels a day from the hub to residents and businesses, reducing congestion, pollution, and fatalities.

Delivery Mates, which already operates five existing hubs in London, will share data and insights from the trial, such as CO2 emissions savings and the number of parcel collections and deliveries.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Westminster City Council cabinet member for city management and air quality, said: “Improving air quality in Westminster and reducing pollution and emissions is a key priority for us.

"We’re taking steps to reduce petrol and diesel car travel wherever we can, and this new micro-logistics hub operating in Pimlico, in the heart of Westminster, has an important part to play in this by promoting healthy, greener and more efficient deliveries in our city so we can build a fairer environment in Westminster for everyone.”

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Susannah Wilks, Cross River Partnership director, said: “CRP is delighted to deliver this six-month micro logistics hub trial with Westminster City Council, Infinium Logistics and Delivery Mates.

"This forms part of the Defra-funded Clean Air Logistics for London programme and aims to better air quality across the City of Westminster.”

Kevin Savage, Delivery Mates chief operating officer, added: “We are hugely proud to be working with all the partners on this exciting project.

"Opening a Micro Logistics Hub in Pimlico will further strengthen Delivery Mates capability to deliver sustainable logistics to customers, residents and local retailers.

"We look forward to playing a part in reducing congestion, removing emissions and creating a safer delivery environment for all stakeholders within Westminster.”