Newspaper and magazine transport firm Menzies Distribution has revealed that it is currently in talks with high street retailers about delivering other types of freight.

It has launched Menzies Logistics Solutions to utilise its 1,600-strong fleet after deliveries of print products have been made, usually between 4am and 8am every day.

Menzies Distribution MD David McIntosh said collecting and delivering pallets or individual items “makes perfect sense” for the operator.

“We believe if businesses take a more collaborative approach to distribution they can significantly reduce transportation costs,” he said.

The new division is currently delivering 175,000 travel brochures to over 1,000 travel agents in the north west and south east of England, as well as collecting free newspapers and magazines for delivery in London.

“We have a mixed fleet from light commercials to artics and it makes sound business sense for us to extend our logistics offer to a wider customer base,” McIntosh added.

The operator replaced half of its fleet with Euro-5 Ivecos, on hire from Ryder, earlier this year.