Abbey Logistics and Hovis

Since November 2018, Abbey Logistics has worked with Hovis to modernise its supply chain, creating operational visibility by sharing in-depth real-time performance data.

Together they have built dependability and flexibility in the supply of flour to Hovis’ bakeries, cut costs, improved working practices and built engagement from drivers and on-site teams.

Abbey says the success of the partnership has come through unlocking the operational data held within the contract and maintaining an open and honest relationship.

Although the partnership is still in its infancy, the judges were impressed by such a promising start and are eager to see how it develops in the coming years.

“The project team had clearly defined objectives and targets, an impressive management dashboard and clear and concise data driving the business decisions," said one of our judges.

Armstrong Logistics and Aldi


Mutual trust and respect are the essence of a true partnership and Armstrong Logistics and Aldi have looked to demonstrate these in every aspect of their relationship. Their long association has evolved over more than two decades into a collaboration which they describe as unique in the retail sector.

The partnership has supported Aldi’s rapid expansion in the UK and Ireland while each partner has influenced the other to take key business decisions that have resulted in measurable success.

Our judges were impressed by the growth that the two companies have enjoyed and their successful management of change.

“It's clear that both companies have benefited from the partnership, enabling one to provide products at lower prices and the other building on the back of the rise of a revolutionary retailer,” one judge said.

C Butt and Sealed Air UK

C Butt

The partnership between C Butt and Sealed Air UK spans nearly 30 years. Sustainability has become the watchword for the future, C Butt believes, with the Project Reinvent initiative bringing new technologies, targeted focused projects and a passion for success.

It has also seen remarkable improvements in CO2 reduction, return 'scrap' processes and costing efficiencies.

Our judging panel liked this “very well run and structured partnership”.

“C Butt did some lateral thinking on how it could support its partner’s plans to reduce waste and CO2 – not just improve their working partnership,” one said. “The outcomes of the project are substantial, and significant in our fight against global warming. Transport is all about hearts and minds.”

Knights of Old and Artex

Artex KnightsofOldPartnership1

Knights of Old believes the word ‘partnership’ is often misused and that it is rare to be able to build the level of trust and confidence that is a prerequisite to anything genuine. But this is exactly what the haulier insists it has achieved in its two-and-a-half year collaboration with Artex. Even before launching the tender, a primary consideration was how the businesses would ‘fit’ and how they could advance each other.

Our judges said the partnership was a great example of working together. “The support and teamwork has been evident from inception to now.”

Think Logistics and Career Ready

Think Logistics

Data has revealed that up to 64% of UK transport and logistics companies are facing a severe skills shortage in the coming year with the current shortfall of nearly 60,000 workers predicted to rise.

The research showed a lack of knowledge of the industry, coupled with an outdated image perception, as leading reasons for this negative trend. At the forefront of tackling the problem is Think Logistics. For seven years, along with the social mobility charity Career Ready, it has been raising the profile of the logistics sector with young people, teachers and parents. The judges were delighted to see the industry coming together to provide learning and development. “Think Logistics and Career Ready are driving change to promote the logistics world to the next generation.”