MT editor Steve Hobson, Bibby Distribution fleet and procurement director Adam Purshall and Paul Emery, sales director of sponsor Hankook Tyre UK

Bibby Distribution has been providing logistics and supply chain services for over 30 years and its fleet reached unprecedented levels of efficiency, reliability and safety in 2019.

The company operates from 50 UK locations, employing 1,400 staff in sectors including consumer, paper and packaging, industrial and food & drink.

Despite its fleet travelling 90m km last year, it still managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 5%. In fact it has reduced its net carbon emissions by 10% in just five years.

Other achievements in 2019 included an average 99.9% uptime, consistent Green OCRS scores in eight different traffic regions, and a reduction in RIDDORs and lost time accidents by almost a third (30%).

Bibby can also boast annual test pass rates well above the national average. Trailers have been at 99% for four consecutive years and the time taken for safety inspections and annual tests has been reduced by 75% in 18 months.

The company has also seen what it describes as a “meteoric rise” in driver performance standards, from 1.3% to 57.7% grade A.

Tachograph infringements are monitored through Convey software, and the company provides tailored driver coaching.

The Bibby Distribution fleet comprises 450 vehicles and 1,250 trailers. The company has a “cradle-to-grave” approach to its fleet that covers sourcing and procurement through to life management and maintenance, finishing with asset disposal.

Ahead of its plans to join the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme by the end of 2020, the company has activated a tachograph Earned Recognition module, consistently beating the DVSA’s targets by a strong margin.

New initiatives include a £1m investment in in-cab cameras combined with Microlise telematics. All are core tenets of the company’s Road to Zero strategy.

Our judges were impressed by Bibby Distribution’s strong determination and commitment to reliability, efficiency and safety. “The submission demonstrates very high levels of legal compliance, roadworthiness and excellent annual test first time pass rates,” said one.

“Technical excellence is something we pride ourselves on, and we have invested a lot of time and focus maximising our compliance, efficiency and innovation.

“To win this award against such worthy finalists is an incredible honour, and welcome recognition for our hard-working and dedicated team who strive for excellence on a daily basis. We are very grateful to Motor Transport and the judges.”

Adam Purshall