Meachers Transport Mercs (20) (2)

Meachers Global Logistics

Southampton-based Meachers Global Logistics has spent £1m on 16 new Volvo and Mercedes-Benz trucks, as well as 25 new Lawrence David trailers.

The new trucks are a mixture of Actros and FH13s, all with Euro-6 engines. Five of the trucks have been purchased to replace older vehicles while the remainder have been rented as additions to the fleet. The trucks are operating out of both Southampton and Meachers’ Midlands depot in Derby.

The new trailers, in the main, replace existing trailers within the fleet, although five are additions.

Stuart Terris, MD of Meachers, said: “Meachers has seen a steady period of growth since the beginning of the year and we have expanded our fleet in line with a number of new contracts.

“We have an additional 25,000ft² of warehouse space at our Southampton facility to service this increase in demand."

Part of Meachers new warehousing facility is dedicated to the new Sustainable Distribution Centre operation it is running n behalf of Southampton Council.