Smart Witness KP1 vehicle journey recorder

Masternaut has entered into a partnership with vehicle CCTV firm SmartWitness to offer integrated telematics and camera technology.

The partners said the joint offering will give fleets and drivers a technology that integrates telematics and driver behaviour improvement with in-cab camera technology.

Other claimed benefits of the package are a reduction in insurance premiums and protection against crash for cash claims (the video filmed through the SmartWitness KP1 camera is court admissible evidence).

The camera pairs with Masternaut Connect to record what happens before, during and after an accident. It also records the driver’s view of the road, the vehicle location, and the impact force of the accident, as well as the driving style (speeding, braking, acceleration, cornering).

Alex Rothwell, chief technology officer at Masternaut, said: “The camera evidence provided through the SmartWitness technology is a huge help for drivers who have a vehicle accident, whether it’s for insurance purposes or defending false claims by another driver."