London mayor Sadiq Khan has confirmed that an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be introduced in central London by 2019, a year earlier than originally envisioned.

This will mean all vans and lorries will need to be Euro-6 to avoid paying a daily charge of £100 for HGVs and £12.50 for LCVs to enter the ULEZ. The ULEZ will be in operation 24/7.

This is in addition to paying London’s congestion charge.

The news came as Khan launched a second consultation, following on from the first in May, to ask Londoner’s their views on further proposals: namely extending the ULEZ to take in the North and South Circular roads as soon as 2019; and making all HGVs operation within greater London subject to the ULEZ as soon as 2019.

There are also plans to introduce a 'T charge' affecting older vehicles from October 2017. This will likely affect vans driving into the Congestion Charge Zone, as anything that does not meet the euro-4 emissions standard by this point will be required to pay a £10 daily fee (during congestion charge times: 07:00 to 18:00).

The FTA had previously warned that the ULEZ would only be manageable for operators if the central London area and the 2020 deadline for HGVs in Greater London stayed the same. It has stated that if either were to be altered due to a change of mayor, it would cause serious difficulties for businesses.

Speaking after the latest announcement, FTA head of national and regional policy Christopher Snelling said: “No-one disputes the need to improve air quality. Once again what we do object to is the one-sided nature of these measures – all burden and no support.

“London could improve air quality more quickly and reduce the burden on businesses at the same time by offering a temporary discount to the Congestion Charge for compliant vehicles prior to the ULEZ starting.”

The consultation runs until 18 December.