The FTA has called for London’s councils to bring a "pragmatic" approach to carrying out their duties during the Olympics.

The issue reignited at a Transport Select Committee session last month (23 May), after Catherine West, London Councils’ transport committee chairman, was asked by Paul Maynard MP to spell out what the councils' "light touch" pledge would mean in the context of the Olympics.

"Are you going to ensure certainty over how apply regulations, even if you apply them lightly?" said Maynard.

West replied "we will enforce but we wouldn’t want to be over-efficient in exercising our duties."

A London Councils’ spokesman adds:  "We acknowledge that operating conditions will be difficult for many local businesses and the firms that serve them during the Games.

"We have worked with the freight industry to address their concerns. Councils cannot give a guarantee of ‘no enforcement’ but many have indicated they will be flexible and are working with businesses on these issues. Councils can offer advice if businesses are unclear of the local situation."

Karen Dee, director of regional and national policy at the FTA, says that while the 32 local authorities will certainly be handing out Penalty Charge Notices during the games irrespective of any "light touch", it expects councils to "take a pragmatic approach" to enforcement.

"We certainly wouldn’t expect to see local authorities hiring extra enforcement staff to put at enforcement hotspots to issue more fines during the Games," says Dee.

London Councils has however has agreed to flex the rules governing the London Lorry Control Scheme.

While the scheme will remain in operation during the Olympics, registered operators will be able to make multiple drops once they have travelled into the capital via a permissible route, rather than having to come back out after each one.

A list of individual, key council contacts in regards freight is also available at the Transport for London website.

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