Global Service Group (GSG) has shaved 20% off its fleet mileage for a florist delivery contract by using Route Monkey software.

The Middlesex-based company makes more than 1,000 flower deliveries per day in London.

Rob Berringer, MD of GSG, said: “Previously, we used a combination of Microsoft MapPoint and local knowledge to plan deliveries.

"Route Monkey from day one demonstrated a 20% saving in mileage, which is a dramatic difference.”

GSG imports all jobs into Route Monkey’s route optimisation and scheduling software, which then calculates the next day’s deliveries using the least number of vans and lowest cumulative mileage. It also produces an individual daily manifest for each driver.

“In highly congested metropolitan areas like London, routing and scheduling can have a huge impact on productivity, compared to manual planning or relying on drivers’ local knowledge,” said Berringer.