London operator O’Donovan Waste Disposal has seen driver incidents and insurance claims fall significantly since investing in an operational management system (OMS) it developed with its insurer HDI-Gerling.

The company invested £80,000 in a system for its 85-strong fleet last year that was designed to improve driver performance in terms of safety and environmental impact.

Data from the system over the past 12 months show a 25% drop in the number of driving incidents being recorded by the OMS, which include driving behaviours such as acceleration, braking, lane discipline and collisions. Insurance claims have also been slashed by 60%.

O’Donovan said the significant improvements demonstrate how it has effectively used the OMS not to simply monitor data, but also as a training tool to improve driver behaviour.

The system enables driver behaviour to be monitored in real-time and driving patterns to be identified. To encourage performance improvements amongst its drivers, O’Donovan has introduced league tables for best and worst performers, as well as a ‘driver of the week’ achievement.

Jacqueline O'Donovan, MD at O'Donovan Waste Disposal, said: “Improving the safety of our logistics operations is a core part of our business strategy and this system has played an important role in helping to improve driver behaviour by providing the evidence of the key areas to work on."

She added: “Rather than acting as ‘Big Brother’, it's a supporting tool and one that our drivers have embraced. They are keen to analyse and compare data and deliver any required changes. The league table we introduced has been taken on as a friendly bit of competition, but one that has worked – drivers are keen to see where they are each week. We have been very pleased with the results the investment has delivered in a short space of time.”

The investment formed part of the company’s commitment to set the benchmark for commercial vehicle management, while the sustainability benefits delivered also support its ‘Greener Vision Strategy’ - aiming to reduce O’Donovan’s impact on the environment.

Michael Gwilt, manager of motor fleet risk management at HDI-Gerling UK, said: “As well as reducing risk, the system should have a positive impact on O’Donovan’s future insurance premiums - one of the biggest costs for a logistics business. In addition to improving driver behaviour and minimising the risk of collisions, it also helps to clarify liability in the event of a collision, working in conjunction with O’Donovan’s in-cab CCTV’’.

O'Donovan Waste Disposal is a gold member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme and a CLOCS scheme champion. The company was awarded the Motor Transport Training Award 2014.