The London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) route planner has been updated to include Olympic and Paralympics road restrictions.

The approval service, run by consultancy Pie on behalf of scheme administrators London Councils, allows operators, for a fee, to have a compliant route generated online.

Following the update this will now take into account Olympic and Paralympic Route Network restrictions such as temporary banned turns, road closures and changes to direction of flow.

Despite opposition from freight operators, the LLCs which applies to vehicles over 18-tonnes and prevents lorries using London as a cut through during the night and at weekends, will remain in place in London this summer.

Freddie Talberg, chief executive of Pie Mapping, says: “It is vitally important for hauliers to know what changes are being made to the road network, as existing approvals could cease to be valid and routes that would ordinarily be available could be closed off all together.”

The FTA has already called for London’s councils to bring a “pragmatic” approach to carrying out their duties during the Olympics.