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Almost a third of logistics companies fear new B2C delivery methods such as click and collect, viewing them as a threat to their businesses, according to a report by Barclays.

The Last Mile report found that 31% of logistics firms identified retailers’ click and collect services as a threat, highlighting concerns with the possibility of larger retailers taking their deliveries in-house as a consequence.

Just 16% of those surveyed said they were interested in developing the service. Just 24% viewed it as a growth area.

Analyst Mark O’Bornick of Analytiqa told Motortransport.co.uk that operators are struggling to keep up with the changing demands placed on them as a result of the growth of non-traditional delivery methods.

“Amazon is already utilising its suppliers’ logistics assets and is building its own delivery network as it recognises that it cannot rely solely on solutions from logistics providers,” said O’Bornick.  “Parcel carriers also face the threat of retailers looking to new solutions."

Yodel, which provides its own click and collect service through CollectPlus, said the parcels industry as a whole is seeing a slow down in  volume growth in comparison to online sales.

“There is no doubt that click and collect is a contributory factor in this, alongside increased ticket value and improved order consolidation,” Dick Stead, executive chairman said.

Dwain McDonald, chief executive of DPD, said: “Most online shoppers still want a prompt, right first time delivery to their home address," but he said he still believes click and collect is viable.

“Many retailers already carry out their own click and collect deliveries, but there will always be those with no stores or a limited estate or whose customers are unable to access them... who will continue to require direct delivery,” he added.