A Knowles Logistics driver has given its new Volvo FE Electric truck the thumbs up, praising its responsiveness and “nimble handling”.

The haulier invested in the 4x2 23ft curtainsiders last year following a trial and said it would be “the first of many” as it pushed forward with its net zero ambitions.

The truck is being used for urban deliveries within the Cambridgeshire area and driver Ben Fox said that while issues relating to range remained, all-electric HGVs were well suited to short-drop deliveries.

Fox said: “Overall the driving experience of the Volvo FE has been positive. Reduced noise pollution comparative to a combustion engine HGV means that the truck is ideally suited for urban areas, especially for night-time operations and driving within quieter neighbourhoods.

“With instant torque and a vibration-free operation the new all-electric truck provides a comfortable experience, which ultimately contributes to a smoother overall driving environment.

“This can be particularly handy when navigating during rush hour or handling especially heavy loads.”

He added: “While range still remains an ongoing concern when operating an all-electric HGV, they can still be a valuable asset as long as its limitations are well understood.

“Having recently operated it on a three-week trial within the Cambridgeshire area, the vehicle presented no range issues whatsoever for collection and delivery routes as we were only travelling around 150km per day – which is well within its 200km capabilities.”

Knowles Logistics has also purchased a 150kWh charging unit enabling the vehicle to be charged in two hours.