It's a big (financial) year for Wincanton. Chief executive Eric Born has predicted that it will return to the black after retrenchment from Europe and extensive restructuring.

Therefore today's interim management statement announcement that "Wincanton continues to trade in line with market expectations", is actually far more interesting than the "softy, softly, don't nod off at the back" language of the actual release.

In short, it looks like that very important expectation is likely to be met.

Of course, the last thing Born wants to do is promise too much or alternatively spook investors, hence the anodyne few lines today saying in truth, very little (there's a contract win that's already in the public domain and mention of an FMCG deal, which one assumes is Morrisons).

No matter how it's couched, we'll know for sure come 13 June and the company's full year results.