Johnsons Aggregate and Recycling is installing the latest generation Wheely-Safe technology across its fleet of eight-wheel tippers.

The Ilkeston-based haulier is currently in the process of rolling out the in-motion wheel loss detection system, which combines brake and hub temperature monitoring with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on 25 of its Scanias.

Mick Glenny, transport manager, said: “In our line of work, it’s important to look after the wheels and tyres, so when we heard of the Wheely-Safe product it sounded like the ideal solution.”

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Wheely-Safe’s external TPMS sensors are fitted alongside a pair of wheel loss sensors and brackets on each wheel, which transmit an in-motion alert to a solar-powered receiver in the cab, should the wheel nuts start to loosen.

The same sensor also monitors heat and can quickly identify a temperature abnormality from the brakes or hub.

“We’re doing a lot of off-road work and delivering into incinerator facilities – you do get a lot of hub overheating. The fact that the system monitors any abnormality in that area is a huge benefit to us,” added Glenny.