John Lewis Partnership Home Services EV image 2

The John Lewis Partnership said it would replace its Home Services fleet entirely with electric vehicles by 2030.

It said that by 2028 its HGVs would be running on biomethane and the delivery and home services fleet would be electrified by 2030.

The Partnership is being supported by EV technology firm Flexible Power Systems (FPS), which is establishing a mixed charging solution incorporating depot, public network and home charging for the company’s fleet of 4,000 cars, vans and light trucks.

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It said a fossil free fleet would enable it to save 504,000 tonnes of CO2.

Michael Ayres, FPS MD, said: “Companies like The John Lewis Partnership have to electrify their fleets to combat climate change.

“Replacing commercial diesel fleets with electric vehicles is just one part of the picture.

“We need to bring together the ecosystem of chargers, power management and operational interfaces required to keep fleets serving customers efficiently.”