Truckfile - James Shaw & Son (6)

James Shaw & Son has consigned its paper-based systems to history after investing in digital management software Truckfile and it said it was already reaping the benefits.

The Merseyside operator is relying on the Truckfile packages to keep tabs on its fleet of 36 tractor units and 59 trailers and to ensure the efficient running of its workshop.

GM Chris Thompson said the switch to online came almost by chance: “I was actually on the RHA website looking for some new defect reporting stationery, when I came across an advert for Truckfile,” he said.

“I decided to dig a bit deeper and could see the potential for making the management of our fleet compliance much smoother and easier.

“The cost seemed very competitive too so we decided to go for it – and it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done.”

Thompson said he now has visibility of every bit of information about the fleet vehicles on one screen: “I can see which trucks need servicing, MOT testing, taxing or tachograph calibration, as well as any reported defects.

“I don’t have to go looking for anything, it’s all right there in front of me.

“For our technicians, too, the benefits are clear,” he added.

“They use hand-held tablets and a touchscreen terminal to record all vehicle inspections and jobs completed. It’s so much simpler and quicker than using paper forms.”

The company is now also relying on Truckfile’s driver application, which enables its drivers to do their daily checks with smartphones and makes it easier for the company to keep track of its trailers.