TfL has encouraged cities outside of the capital to adopt Clocs ahead of predicted growth in the numbers of cyclists and pedestrians in urban areas.

Launched three years ago, Clocs is designed to encourage a step change in the way the construction sector prioritises road risk alongside site safety.

The focus Clocs has brought has also helped bring a new generation of safer, urban trucks and equipment to market.

Speaking to Freightinthecity ahead of the fifth Clocs progress event taking place later this month, Glen Davies, freight & fleet programme manager at TfL, said the scheme had already been taken national by private sector contractors and operators across their supply chains.

Now with more regions across the UK rolling out cycling and walking programmes, he'd like to see Clocs adopted by city officials at the outset.

While no city has yet the same level of vulnerable road user activity as London, Davies has nevertheless urged them to take a proactive stance and not wait for a fatality before exploring Clocs.

“I would like to think this is on the agenda for any other city that is promoting cycling or walking," he added.

The fifth Clocs progress event is due to take place on 23 March at London’s ExCeL.

This free-to-attend exhibition will feature a 20-strong line-up of safer, urban trucks now available from manufacturers including Daf Trucks, Dennis Eagle, Mitsubishi Fuso-Canter, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN, Scania and Iveco.

Davies said he is looking forward to demonstrating how far the industry has come with Clocs since its inception and how more manufacturers have “picked up the gauntlet” of designing safer trucks for city use.

“We've had fantastic engagement with the industry. They've really picked up the issue and owned it,” he added.