International Logistics Centre

Congestion on the A1 combined with the challenges of making B2C deliveries has seen International Logistics Centre stop delivering for Palletways, nine months after joining the network.

The Newark-based company, which left Fortec to join Palletways, is continuing to input for the latter but has surrendered postcode areas LN1, LN5 and LN6.

Speaking to, International Logistics Centre MD Andrew Morris said: “We are still input members of Palletways but will no longer be making deliveries for Palletways.”

“We made the decision to pull out of deliveries because of traffic congestion and road delays on the A1 which we had to cross to get into the area and the difficulty of making B2C deliveries.

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“Palletways has a high density of B2C deliveries but it was taking us a lot longer to do B2C deliveries.

“When we were with Fortec we did B2B deliveries which were a lot easier."

He added: “Lincolnshire may be flat but Lincoln isn’t. Pushing heavy weight pallets up and down the place and on cobbled streets has given us a few moments – it was not popular with the drivers – we wish Palletways all the best but it is not for us.”

The postcode areas have been taken back by Palletways member Rase Distribution, which announced in November last year that it would no longer make tail lift deliveries of any pallets over 750kg to domestic addresses after carrying out a risk assessment that concluded that anything over this weight posed a risk to drivers’ safety.

Rase Distribution MD Geoff Hill said: “I am not surprised by this decision by International Logistics Centre.

“They are in the wrong location for the area but the main challenge for all of us at Palletways is the B2C deliveries,” he added.