A trailblazer apprenticeship standard for managers in the parcel courier sector has been submitted to BIS by the Institute of Couriers (Ioc) in light of the e-retail boom and upcoming apprenticeship levy.

The newly proposed apprenticeship would train managers to plan and manage the final-mile delivery of goods and packages.

If approved the degree level qualification, submitted in association with the universities of Derby and West London and officially known as the express delivery management apprenticeship, will run alongside a separate trailblazer for express delivery drivers, which received approved by BIS in January.

CitySprint is named as the lead employer on the bid, which was submitted by the carrier's sales and marketing director Justin Moore.

He said: “Demand for these skills is already high and growing, and these are crucial and senior roles in my and other express delivery businesses.”

The IoC said the trailblazer standard was of particular importance to the industry as companies within it will be hit by the apprenticeship levy when it comes into force in April 2017.

Royal Mail, in particular, will be one of the largest contributors to the tax, with an annual bill of more than £20m.

Picture left to right: IoC chair Carl Lomas, Justin Moore, IoC president Lord Falkland and professor Tracy Worth