The Scottish government has been urged to bring the speed limit for HGVs into line with the rest of the UK and overhaul the apprenticeship levy in a budgetary submission by the RHA.

It has also called for the government to honour existing commitments on critical infrastructure and increase investment to develop the strategic road network, including ferry routes.

Ahead of the Scottish Budget for 2024/25, the RHA said it needed to reduce the disparity in skills funding with England and the competitive disadvantage Scottish hauliers face when recruiting and planning for the future.

And it added that planning needed to be reformed to support the creation of secure lorry parking facilities north of the border.

Martin Reid, RHA policy director for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, said the costs of operating an HGV had increased by 9% excluding fuel and the government needed to focus on stability, long-term growth, and targeted support to address the challenges the industry faced.

In a letter to deputy first minister Shona Robison, Reid said: “With the exception of the A9 speed trial (which was completed in Oct 2017, yet the speed limit remains at 50mph for HGV’s) Scotland has had a different speed limit for HGVs from the rest of mainland UK since 2015.

“Logistics companies and hauliers in particular cross boundaries every day and it makes no sense to have differing speed limits in different parts of the island. Many Scottish hauliers are in direct competition with those from England and Wales and are losing out on the efficiencies that running 10mph faster can give.”

The government is expected to publish its Budget on 19 December.