During this year’s Apprenticeship Week, which runs from the 5-11 February, the RHA is showcasing its collaboration with TRS Training to introduce an apprenticeship designed to develop highly competent transport or warehouse supervisors.

The course, which is funded, is known as the Transport and Warehouse Operations Supervisor Apprenticeship.

This Level 3 scheme spans 12 to 15 months, equipping candidates with vital skills to lead and manage transport and warehouse operations for optimal productivity. The curriculum delves into legal obligations, enabling an in-depth understanding of the logistics landscape.

Apprentices will gain professional competence in crucial areas, including customer service contract management, supply chain monitoring and reporting, regulatory compliance and more.

The apprenticeship positions team members for supervisory roles like transport coordinator, transport manager, warehouse manager and traffic planner.

A distinguishing feature of the course is the inclusion of either the Transport Manager CPC or IOSH training and qualification depending on the chosen pathway.

Successful candidates can apply for CILT membership.

The course is available to both Levy and non-Levy-paying businesses in England.

Brian Kenny, RHA training director, said: “The apprenticeship reflects our commitment to nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals in the logistics sector.

“We deliver the Transport Manager CPC part of the apprenticeship, an addition that has seen exceptional pass rates. This is a fantastic way of helping staff to achieve their CPC qualification.

“We believe this programme will not only empower people with essential skills, but also contribute to the overall growth and success of the industry.”

Kevin Birch, TRS chief executive, said: “We are seeing a sudden increase in demand for the Transport and Warehouse Operations Supervisor apprenticeship from logistics employers.

”They recognise that the course is an ideal tool for developing promising staff into effective leaders who can manage operations to meet and exceed customer expectations. Not only that, employers are reporting that it also positively affects staff motivation and retention.”

On the benefits of the apprenticeship, Tanith Dolan, John Lewis PLC Partner & Operational Training Manager, said: “This apprenticeship provides us with a framework for empowering our managers with the essential skills needed to lead our transport and warehouse operations effectively.

“TRS has worked with us to develop a tailored programme that reflects our organisational training objectives and is delivered flexibly to fit in with our operational schedules.

“We are already seeing positive results, and recently celebrated our first member of staff successfully completing their course.”