Transport tech solutions provider Microlise Group has landed a new six-year contract with car parts delivery and fitting company GSF Car Parts.

The deal sees Microlise increase its presence in the lighter goods vehicle sector, as part of its drive into adjacent markets.

The tech group, which won the contract through a competitive tender, will provide GSF’s fleet of vans with its proof of delivery service ePOD and its journey management software solution.

Both will allow GSF to remove paper-based processes from its operations and grow its enterprise accounts.

Microlise customers are traditionally operators who manage a large fleet of HGVs, with each truck conducting one pre-planned journey each day. In contrast, GFS has a highly dynamic, high-volume operation, with lots of delivery requests coming in each day.

Microlise said the win demonstrates how the group product ”is flexible enough to penetrate these newer adjacent markets, supporting new growth with existing products”.

 Nadeem Raza, chief executive of Microlise, said he was delighted to announce the deal.

He added:GSF expands our reach into the smaller vehicles segment where our solutions have proven to be highly capable. Our software only solution greatly expands our potential market, and we are confident will improve our margins over time.”