Hauliers are being warned to check their fleets’ radar systems as evidence mounts that some devices that claim to meet London’s Direct Vision Standards (DVS) are infact non-compliant, endangering the lives of the capital’s pedestrians and vulnerable road users.


The warning comes from commercial fleet safety firm SM UK, which has opened emergency testing bays in Tamworth and Leeds in response to growing concerns within the industry that certain moving off information (MOIS) radar systems, notably those with flat casings, do not provide the sensor range mandated by DVS, putting pedestrians and cyclists that are in a truck’s frontal blind spot in danger.

The company has released a video demonstrating how these non-compliant radar systems fail to meet the DVS criteria, with the system demonstrated in the video only providing a 150 degree range rather than the 180 degree range required by DVS 2024 regulations.



In addition the video demonstrates how, when the radar beam was obscured by the engineer, the system failed to alert the driver that there was a malfunction.

Since its release three weeks ago, the video has gathered over 8,000 views, as concern mounts in the haulage industry.

In light of these findings, SM UK, which has 79 engineers, is calling on operators to have their radar systems tested promptly.

The company has opened emergency bays offering thorough testing of any radar systems suspected of DVS non-compliance. However demand for the service is growing, with emergency bay appointments booked up until July.

Steve MacDonald, SM UK chairman, said: “Given the ground swell of concern we have experienced with operators asking if they are compliant, we have with immediate effect taken a proactive measure to open an emergency HGV bay within our workshop to test whether the radar system fitted meets the TfL DVS standard.

“Getting the right kit fitted is paramount not just for the fleet operator but also to make sure vulnerable road users are not hurt. At SM UK we have been advocates of commercial fleet safety for 25 years.”

In a statement the company added: ”By offering this emergency testing service, SM UK aims to support commercial vehicle operators in identifying non-compliant radar systems, thereby enhancing overall safety standards and minimising risks associated with DVS non-compliance.

”Safety on the road is paramount, and SM UK urges all commercial vehicle operators to prioritise compliance with DVS regulations to protect drivers, pedestrians, and other road users.