Dawsongroup has added 75 DAF XD450 tractor units to its fleet which meet the new Direct Vision Standards, due to come into play this October.

The company is warning that demand for DVS-compliant trucks and trailers could create a bottle neck in supply as the deadline approaches and is urging hauliers to prepare for the switch now.

From 28 October 2024, under the new DVS rules, HGVs over 12 tonne gross vehicle weight entering and operating in London, that have a two star rating or lower, must fit a Progressive Safe System, which is a range of safety measures and equipment that must be installed on the vehicle before a permit is applied for.

Hauliers must provide proof of this system to obtain a permit. All existing HGV safety permits held by hauliers for a zero, one or two star-rated HGV will expire at midnight on 27 October.

Although the RHA, Logistics UK and the Association of International Courier & Express Services are campaigning for a delay to the 28 October 2024 deadline for the new standards, in order to give hauliers time to upgrade their fleets, Transport for London hasyet to shown any sign of being willing to agree to their demands.

Dawsongroup is urging hauliers to be prepared. Its 75 new, DVS-compliant DAF XD450 FTG 6X2 tractor units are now available on contract hire, lease or rent.

Darren Leeming, Dawsongroup truck and trailer national sales manager, said, “Our ambition is to help operators get ready in time. With any legislation changes there’s always a temptation, given all their other pressures, to leave things until nearer the start date.

”However, with such a major potential impact on our customers, we wanted to get ahead of the game and demonstrate what we can offer them on contract hire, lease or rental.

”With these vehicles now ready to go on the road, operators can save the high capital investment costs of outright purchase by using any of our acquisition options, or simply trial the vehicles before making any final decisions. What we refer to as our ‘try before you buy’ strategy.”

“We know everyone is working on this – they have to be.Manufacturers are producing DVS-ready trucks and supposedly simple fixes are available in kit form for non-compliant vehicles.

”However, we foresee genuine business-damaging potential for operators from bottlenecks in supply and fitting. We want our customers to be clear of those dangers.”

Dawsongroup truck and trailer has a fleet of over 12,000 trucks and trailers along with 24 branches across the UK and a network of around 1800 service and repair back-up points.

These latest additions of DVS compliant DAF XD450 FTG 6X2 tractor units are available on contract hire, lease or rent to beat October deadline.