Lock on gate

You don't have to look further than our website to see how tough life is for those in road transport at the moment. Elite Transport appears to be heading for a CVA and is far from unique in its predicament.

More grist for the mill then, with research for Viking office supplies finding (albeit from a small sample of 70-odd hauliers) that one in three are worried about making it to the end of 2013.

The quarterly survey, which looks at a number of UK sectors in its entirety, found those in transport to be particularly worried about securing new business in the current awful economic situation. More than a third (35%) expect winning business to be their biggest expense this year which The Hub is a bit surprised at given the high cost of fuel. So basically a third of transport firms think winning new business is going to cost them more than running their fleet of trucks?!

So much for New Year's optimism.