The Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA), which coordinates logistics firms to deliver aid and assistance more effectively, has released guidance on how to safely dispatch humanitarian cargo into Ukraine.

The information was released as Kyiv city council put out an urgent request for specific food, hygiene and electrical goods required by the population under attack from Russian forces.

It includes canned food, bread, nappies, kettles and cereals.

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The HLA said it highly recommended firms wanting to send aid to contract a freight forwarder that could ensure safe delivery.

It said the associated customs and importation procedures must be undertaken by “the most appropriate personnel” and it urged companies to ensure the cargo had a registered and identified consignee in the stricken country before it was dispatched.

The HLA is also pointing logistics companies towards the Logistics Cluster website, which provides information to support the humanitarian emergency response.

The city of Kyiv’s wish list can be accessed here: https://www.humanitarianlogistics.org/home?myhub&selected=6977&type=newsletter

The Logistic Cluster’s dedicated Ukraine webpage is here: https://logcluster.org/ops/ukr22a