Hoyer Schrader tanker

An innovative petroleum tanker from the German manufacturer Schrader has entered service with Hoyer Petrolog UK.

The Unitas 2020 is a six-compartment tanker designed to carry 43,000 litres of petroleum, ethanol or a blend of both, with a tare weight of 5,450kg.

With a low overall height of 3,900mm, it has countersunk man-lids, removing the need for roll-over protection.

The tank is cylindrical apart from the 11,000-litre front compartment, which is a D-section and incorporates an internal run-off pipe for protection.

Tubes for the shorter hoses are fully enclosed and a fully enclosed API-compliant control cabinet includes drip trays.

Schrader CEO Lutz Goesslinghoff said: “Hoyer is one of our biggest partners. By combining its deep knowledge and field experience with our manufacturing competence, we worked together to develop an optimal concept for the UK market.”

By Colin Barnett