Hoyer Petrolog said disruption to fuel supplies at some of its customers’ sites was a small proportion of the overall network and the focus should be on recruiting more drivers into the industry.

The bulk fuel logistics provider responded to concerns about the availability of fuel after its customer BP admitted it was closing a handful of sites temporarily due to a lack of professional drivers to transport petrol and diesel.

Petrolog client Shell is also experiencing some shortages but it is not expected to close any of its sites.

Allan Davison, Hoyer Petrolog MD, said: “The challenges in the fuel industry are no different to the challenges in other industries that have been circulating over the past few months - there is a national shortage of drivers that all logistics organisations are having to contend with.

“However, whilst there are fuel supply issues at some sites this is a relatively small proportion of the overall network.

“The clear focus should be on the wider logistics sector as a whole, with industry and government working closely together to ensure resilience across all supply chains.”

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There are more than 1,200 BP filling stations in the UK, including around 600 bunker sites specifically designed for HGVs.

A BP spokeswoman said: “We are experiencing some fuel supply issues at some of our retail sites in the UK and unfortunately have therefore seen a handful of sites temporarily close due to a lack of both unleaded and diesel grades.

“These have been caused by some delays in the supply chain which has been impacted by the industry-wide driver shortages across the UK and there are many actions being taken to address the issue.

“We continue to work with our haulier supplier to minimise any future disruption and to ensure efficient and effective deliveries to serve our customers.”

The news prompted Logistics UK to urge people not to panic buy and demanding the government resolves the “very serious” problems in the industry.