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HGV drivers that pass the government’s new streamlined tests designed to boost the numbers of candidates entering the industry will still be able to undertake international work, it has been confirmed.

There have been concerns that simplifying the testing process for lorry drivers might not be accepted in Europe, but the DVSA told the new rules do not affect those working internationally.

A DVSA spokesman said: “HGV drivers who pass the updated test in the UK will be able to undertake international work as they do now.”

The Department for Transport (DfT) recently confirmed that proposals to allow drivers to take one test to drive both an articulated and rigid lorry would go ahead and would make around 20,000 more HGV driving tests available every year.

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The government is facing mounting criticism about the way it is handling the driver crisis, with many calling for professional HGV drivers to be added to the shortage occupation list.

In response, the DfT said that it recognises the importance of utilising the domestic workforce to plug the skills gap.

However, insurers have warned that combining the category C and category C+E tests is likely to mean that prospective drivers have less time to develop their hazard perception skills and urged employers to ensure the right person undertakes licence acquisition training.

Logistics UK said it was confident that the test changes would have no impact abroad: “Our understanding is that recognition shouldn't be a problem because the UK is a signatory of the Vienna convention on road traffic,” said a spokeswoman.

“Under this convention, UK drivers holding a valid UK licence can drive abroad as visitors.”