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The operator of the M6 toll road said this year had seen some of the highest volumes of HGV traffic ever recorded on its road, with operators making the most of the largely congestion-free route.

Based on data from its analytics team, Midland Expressway (MEL) said August and September had seen lorry traffic grow by up to 51%, the highest percentage increase recorded when compared to 2019 levels.

March and August this year registered the highest HGV traffic volumes, with the numbers peaking in August when 138,735 vehicles travelled on the motorway.

MEL added that a record number of HGV customers – 1,807 - used the road on 11 October; the highest number to take advantage of its ANPR system since it was piloted last year.

Guy Moore, UK transport operations manager at snack company pladis Global, said using the M6 toll road helped it cut down on unknown delays and disruption: “The reliability the M6 toll provides also helps to reduce the stress points in our business, as we know we can always rely on it to deliver the operational efficiencies key to us and our customers,” he said.

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Mike Ponsonby, MD at local haulier MA Ponsonby, said it had been relying on the private motorway for over a decade: “It’s helped me grow my business,” he said. “We can save time and that helps us get another load in a day, another five loads in a week.

“The biggest benefit the M6 toll provides to my business would be time saving,” Ponsonby added.

“It’s a big advantage of being able to leave the yard and be on a motorway and into top gear within four minutes.”

Michael Whelan, MEL GM, said: “The rise in HGV traffic volumes on the M6toll during the past three and half years demonstrates the increasing confidence that businesses have in the road as their route of choice.

“During the three-year we have been through a pandemic, followed by a gradual return to business operations and a cost-of-living crisis.

“Despite these periods of huge uncertainty, hauliers, logistics companies and other commercial operators have continued to place their faith in the M6toll as a route that can deliver operational benefits for their business.”