Winter weather Feb 28th 2018

The scene on the M80 Haggs in Glasgow, as the highest level of weather warning has been issued for Scotland

The RHA has slammed Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s criticism of HGVs for using trunk roads in heavy snow as “naïve in the extreme”.

Sturgeon’s remarks came after several lorries and cars became stranded on the M80 in Scotland despite a red weather warning having been issued.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “In many cases, particularly in isolated areas, an HGV will be the only vehicle with the capability of getting through.

"The drivers of these vehicles should be applauded – not pilloried”.

He added that HGVs provide a vital service and despite the extreme weather conditions that Scotland is experiencing, deliveries have to be made whether they be supplies to hospitals, food for livestock or heating oil.

The RHA also pointed out that many HGVs may have already been halfway through a three-to-four day journey and have no alternative but to continue to their delivery point.

“This issue clearly highlights the shocking lack of facilities on the trunk road system where drivers can rest safely,” Burnett added.

Glasgow-based Bullet Express MD David McCutcheon echoed the RHA’s response: “Many of those trucks were delivering essential goods, such as medical supplies.”

“If she’d done her homework, she would have realised many would have left days ago [on their journeys].”

Image: Press Association