Logistics UK has urged businesses that rely on UK-EU supply chains to engage with advice sites popping up all over the UK to provide HGV drivers with information on Brexit preparations.

It came as negotiations on a post-Brexit trade deal reached a stalemate, with a senior UK government source telling the BBC that the prospect of a breakthrough was receding.

On 3 December, David Wells, Logistics UK chief executive, met with the EU transition minister Rachel Maclean at a new Information and Advice Site at Hopwood Services, to discuss the end of the transition period.

There are now 45 information sites located at MSAs and truck stops across the UK and they are intended to give drivers in-person advice on freight deliveries from January.

Wells said it was “vital” that hauliers access available information: “Deal or no deal, any future trading arrangement with the EU will require much preparation by freight companies and their customers.”

Current trade rules end on 31 December.