The sixth annual National Lorry Week has launched today (16 November) with a plea for the nation to shine a light for the logistics industry.

The RHA is calling on the UK to show its appreciation of the sector and the heroic efforts made by hauliers and drivers to keep supplies flowing to hospitals, supermarkets and homes during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “National Lorry Week provides the perfect opportunity for the nation to say ‘thank you’ to these unsung haulage heroes.

“On Thursday 19 November at 8pm we want you to Shine A Light for the logistics industry - for the truck drivers, warehouse staff, managers, technicians, mechanics, fitters and so on - the ones that keep this great industry on the road.

“Please do all you can to spread the word and support our industry. Whether you shine a light on your building with your workforce or stand on your doorstep.”

National Lorry Week 2020 will also be highlighting the opportunities offered by the logistics industry via events at schools, community centres and truck stops around the UK, which will observe strict social distancing regulations at all times.

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This latest National Lorry Week kicked off with the blessing of a host of politicians including Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Schapps.

Richard Burnett said: “I am absolutely delighted at the response that we’ve had from politicians across the entire UK.

“Every year brings new challenges for UK road freight and logistics industry but 2020 has brought more that could ever have been envisaged when we held the 2019 event.

“But despite the mass of new rules and regulations that now govern our everyday lives, I am immensely proud of the industry that we represent.

“For our members, and the industry as a whole, it’s been business as usual. Together they have kept our store shelves stocked with food and hospitals and care homes round the country stocked with PPE and medicines. The bottom line is that they have, and continue to keep us, safe and fed.”

For further information on National Lorry Week 2020 or to get involved visit www.nationallorryweek.co.uk or follow @RHANEWS. Information can also be found on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and RHA’s app RoadwayLive.