Edge Transport hopes to relocate from Wrexham to bigger premises in Deeside in response to customer demand and an increase in its Palletline business.

MD Jonathan Edge told Motortransport.co.uk that the decision to move to a bigger site was driven by a number of factors, but mainly after seeing 35% year-on-year growth in its Palletline business and receiving requests for warehousing from its customers.

“It will also bring us closer to our main customer base, which will also reduce our fleet mileage,” he added.

The construction of the site, which will be located on a six acre plot on the Deeside Industrial Estate, is due to be completed in March of next year. It is expected to be opened in May 2015  and will have a 100,000ft² warehouse.

Although the company does not plan to increase the size of its fleet upon moving into the site, it has recently ordered nine Volvos and are due to be delivered later this year. Edge said the order, which consists of six FMs and three FL 250 rigids, is a mixture of replacements and additions to the fleet.

The company expects the move will create between 10 and 15 new full-time positions in driving and warehousing roles.