construction traffic

A £485,000 pilot project which aims to develop technology to monitor, manage and regulate HGV journeys across Croydon is set to launch next spring.

The project, partly funded by Innovate UK, will see tech company Grid Smarter Cities work in partnership with EB Charging and Croydon Council to develop a freight traffic control (FTC) platform to manage construction freight movements and deliveries in congested urban areas of Croydon.

If successful the solution could be rolled out to other councils across the country.

The technology will be based on Grid’s Intelligent Kerbside Management solution. Dubbed Kerb, the system uses vehicle telematics data, 3D mapping to allow delivery drivers to park on restricted kerb space for fixed periods of time using real-time, dynamic management of the road network.

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Neil Herron, CEO and Founder of Grid Smarter Cities said: “The Kerb FTC Project represents a great opportunity to showcase how practical innovation can deliver real impacts and we are excited to be working with the Croydon Council who are a trailblazing local authority intent on leading the way.

“Improving air quality is a key issue for society to address, and we are intent on being able to deliver technology that offers simple, easy-to-adopt process improvements to assist in construction freight logistics and the wider transport sectors.”

Councillor Stuart King, the council’s lead for environment and transport, said: “This is an innovative project that will help us to monitor, manage and regulate HGV journeys across Croydon. This will help us try and make sure deliveries arrive not only in a timely manner but even more importantly that the journeys are as safe and green as possible.”

Karla Jakeman, Innovate UK’s connected transport and communications chief, added: “This project is a great example of how an SME can work with local authorities to solve real life issues around freight.

“This can provide a blueprint which can be transferred to other local authorities around the UK. The potential spin offs from this project due to its broader thinking are particularly exciting.”