A new app has been designed to help operators navigate the growing number of environmental zones across European cities to avoid paying hefty fines for non-compliance.

The Green-Zones app provides drivers with real-time information about emissions restrictions at national, regional and local level. This is displayed on a map to show the geographical reach of each zone.

It tells drivers which time of day they are permitted entry to, or banned from, designated zones, as well as detailing any badges or stickers that must be displayed.

For example, France now requires drivers to display up to six different classes of badge on vehicles to enter environmental zones, which permit entry depending on the day and colour of the vignette.

From 8pm each day, Green-Zones will also provides drivers with the conditions expected for the following day’s route.

It is available on both Android and iOS phones.

More information can be found on the Green-Zones website, which also provides latest information on countries’ environmental zones and enables ordering of required badges and stickers for driving in Europe.