One of the first operators to adopt a wheel loss detection system from Wheely-Safe has reported fleet safety improvements and a reduction in operating costs.

Green Recycling said four-and-a-half years after it installed the sensors across its fleet of 15 dustcart, skiploader and hooklift trucks, it has found the savings and benefits “far outweigh the investment”.

The Essex-based business was one of the first companies in the UK to run Wheely-Safe’s sensors through the full course of their projected battery life.

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It said throughout this time the tyre pressure monitoring system kept a constant check of its vehicles’ tyre pressures, remained alert to the sign of loosening wheel nuts and checked for abnormal temperatures around the brakes and hub – and on several occasions flagged up problems that could be addressed before they resulted in unscheduled downtime.

“From day one the technology has worked brilliantly for us, flagging up potential issues on several occasions, which could have been costly and potentially dangerous if left unchecked,” said Green Recycling MD Alan Lowden.

“The in-motion wheel loss detection technology has also added extra security to our already robust wheel safety culture.

“Overall, it wasn’t a hard decision to upgrade the whole fleet with a brand-new system once the batteries began to near the end of their projected life.”