UK cities should follow Paris’s lead in allowing cyclists to travel through red lights if the way is clear on agreed routes, according to the Green Party.

The French capital will be erecting signs this summer - featuring an upside down triangle, an arrow and a picture of a bicycle - that indicate which direction cyclists can travel without stopping at a red light.

Paris’s Green deputy mayor, Christophe Najdoski, revealed the plans in April in a bid to reduce delays and improve safety for cyclists travelling across the city.

Green Party local transport councillor Caroline Russell welcomed the announcement and said it was an initiative that could be “implemented quickly” in the UK as an interim measure to encourage cycling.

She added: "This is not an alternative to redesigning our streets with safe cycle lanes, but it's a great interim measure that can be implemented quickly and so long as everyone is considerate of others, especially those walking, it could make a real difference.

“British cities should follow suit. There are huge benefits to public health from encouraging more journeys by bike. Not only does this reduce congestion, road danger, physical inactivity and air pollution, but it also makes our cities better places to live and work."